Welcome to Omega 3 Marine Fresh

Omega 3 Marine Fresh started its business right from 2011 in Mandapam, joining its hands with Japanese and Korean restaurants. The prawns that are from Mandapam (Bay of Bengal) is of world class quality

We are specialized in supplying Live, Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Prawns, Cuttle Fish, Squid and all kind of fishes from Mandapam are delicious and of world class quality. The uniqueness about Omega 3 Marine Fresh is that we freeze the fresh prawns as soon as it is captured from the sea. The time of preservation is usually within 4 hours.


Grouper Fish- We use to remove parasites by fresh water treatment.


We supply our products to Korean restaurants, Japanese restaurants and guest houses in India which are in places like Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. We are supplying best quality, highly hygienic and delicious sea food.